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Enforcement Support

The Enforcement Support Division is comprised of several specialized units whose function is to provide assistance and support to the various divisions of the Office, such as patrol and investigations. Below is a brief summary of the units within the Enforcement Support Division. Click on their links to learn more about each one.

The Community Relations Section provides a variety of programs, displays, and parades for the citizens of Maricopa County. A primary goal of Sheriff Arpaio is to educate our youth to resist drugs, tobacco, gangs and criminal activity. A few of these programs are S.T.A.R.S , S.M.A.R.T. Tents and the annual Sheriff's Summer Camp.

The Sheriff's Firearms Range is a multi-purpose facility that is used by not only the Sheriff's Office, but agencies throughout the State of Arizona and United States as well. Approximately 2,400 employees are trained annually at the range which consists of a two story administration building, four firing bays, and a live shoot house.

The Mobile Command Center is a semi-truck and trailer that is equipped as a mobile communications command center. The unit is equipped with its own generator, and a variety of communications equipment, such as cellular phones, police radios, and aircraft radios. The Mobile Command Center is ready for use twenty-four hours a day for any type of emergency or large-scale disaster, as a base of operations for the incident commander.

The Posse Administration Section oversees over three thousand volunteers who provide assistance to the various divisions of the Office. Each posse volunteer receives specialized training such as Law and Legal and Emergency First Care. Volunteers who wish to carry firearms as a member of the posse must receive the same firearms training given to our sworn deputies. Since taking office in 1993, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has innovated the use of citizen posse volunteers to carry out a number of highly successful operations, such as the annual holiday patrol of the shopping malls throughout the county and the "Deadbeat Parent" round-up which apprehends parents who are delinquent in their child support.

The Sheriff's Reserve Deputy Program utilizes volunteers who undergo the same Arizona Police Officer Standards and Training (AZPOST) certification as our compensated deputy sheriffs. Reserve Deputy Sheriffs perform general law enforcement duties such as uniformed patrol, warrant extradition, and other specialized duties that save the taxpayers of Maricopa County hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

The Sheriff's Search and Rescue Unit is a group of highly trained professionals who are responsible for the coordination of search and rescue operations. Maricopa County contains over nine thousand square miles of terrain that range from arid desert to high elevation mountains such as the Four Peaks in eastern Maricopa County. The unit relies on the assistance and support of a variety of volunteer groups to successfully carry out each mission. In addition to our mounted and motorized search and rescue posse, the section relies on a variety of specialized posses such as the Divers posse, Mountain Rescue posse, and the Helicopter posse.